Fred D. Dobrovolny
Every visit with Ross is a friendly healing experience. Thank you
One of THE BEST massages I’ve ever had! Thx Ross!
Maddie W.
Loved our massages with Ross. Not only is he very knowledgeable about the body, he seemed to know exactly what you need. He was very down to earth and so easy to chat with. The massage itself was exactly what my body needed. My husband also received a deep tissue massage. It's a one room studio but we were both able to sit and relax while the other was worked on. I highly recommend especially if you are active or have injuries. I have a back injury that has been haunting me for 10 years and I knew this was exactly what I needed. My husband is a firefighter and although he's very active I don't think he realized how badly he needed this. Thank you so much, Ross!! We'll be back!
Sarah N
Great massage! Ross definitely knew what he was doing, and I left the building feeling a whole lot better. I lift a lot and I'd been having some back problems, so I know I had a lot of issues, but Ross dealt with all my problems and my back feels so much different. I'm hoping to make another appointment in the near future!
Ross Mccartney
Ross is an amazing massage Therapist. I am very glad I met him , his office in downtown Bozeman. 206-234-3087
D. A. I.
A few weeks ago, I had an excellent massage from Ross while visiting my son in Bozeman. I called with hesitant hopes that I could make a last minute session and was pleasantly surprised that Ross called me back so quickly. He was able to work me in for a long overdue therapeutic massage - I had neglected my back, shoulders and calves for a long time since the therapeutic acupuncturist I've used for years retired last spring. Ross was adept at finding my crazy muscle knots and coaxing them into a calm place with great technique. His studio space was serene and inviting and he instantly helped me feel at ease. In addition to expertly dealing with my muscular issues, Ross was quite empathic in shining healing light on some underlying stress events I'm dealing with in my personal life. He was so open and transparent with his honest caring for humankind that I was deeply moved on a spiritual level. Ross has a rare gift, intuition and knowledge, and he exhibited great timing in discussing the underlying issues of my body stressors. Thank you, Ross; I hope to have the honor of being a patient/client again!
Lane Norman-Harris
Ross is amazing. Hip improving with every massage. Thank goodness I found him!!!�